The Transit Technician Education Program (TTEP) encompasses two avenues for transit technicians to acquire the skills needed in today’s modern maintenance organization.

  1. The FTMC Certified Transit Technician (CTT) curriculum consists of three technical tracks, defined as Technician I, II, and III. The tracks include 620 hours, 620 hours, and 680 hours of instruction respectively. Each track contains five modules consisting of classroom and hands-on training related to specific technical areas. A Post-Secondary Adult Vocational (PSAV) certificate will be issued upon completion of the three tracks.
  2. The Associate in Science (AS) degree program consists of 60 credit hours of instruction. Upon successfully completing the CTT program and obtaining a PSAV certificate, qualified transit technicians may apply to Hillsborough Community College (HCC) and request articulation of the certificate. When approved, 27 credit hours will be granted toward fulfillment of the requirements for the AS degree.